Xavier Brisoux X Isabelle Soum
Heel Ache

Isabelle Soum x Xavier Brisoux
The first ever sculpture designed by the artistic duo is based on the myth of Trojan warrior Achilles. The sculpture referring to a part of his armour emphases the paradox between invincibility and fragility. The sculpture represents a cube of ice that an archaeologist would dig out not from the past, but from the future and therefore the work raises the question of time and its linearity. Its structure illustrates geological strata. The colour contrast emphasizes the vulnerable body part of the hero while the hardness of the resin evokes its invulnerability. The knitted sculpture remains partly undipped like the fateful heel of Achilles.

This artwork was exhibited in La Cité Dentelle Mode in Calais, France in March 2017

Cotton and resin - 20cm x 20cm x 17cm
Photographs © Isabelle Soum